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All to Him

March 8, 2011
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A servant of the Living God, who has been saved from eternal destruction by the power of Jesus’ blood, whose very next breath is solely dependent on His grace, should never accept the praise of men longer than to hear it and redirect it. I do not want to take credit for praise due Him.

It is a privilege to serve Him. It is an honor to be used. I don’t want accolades and pats on the back from men, because my reward, if genuinely fireproof, is not of this world. To take credit now is like the prodigal asking for his share of his father’s estate now.

To allow someone to give me “credit to whom it is due” acknowledges and affirms that the praise is actually due me, and confiscates that which is not mine. This is embezzlement of the worst kind; to allow God’s glory, to somehow, as if it was possible, accrue to my account.

I repeat over and over “all to Him” and poke my fingers in my ears.

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