Devotional Thoughts on 1 Peter 4

1 Has the decision been made to set a course for righteousness?

If you are truly suffering for God, you’re not sinning. Concept of mutual exclusivity.

2 You have  finite time on earth to serve God. It can be squandered.

4 Righteous living will invite persecution, inside and outside the church. Backsliders love company.

5 Everyone will give an account. Believers at the “bema” seat. Unbelievers at the Great White Throne.

6 There is power to change and justification in the gospel.

Living in the Spirit is impossible without the Spirit.

7 Christians appear boring: they exercise sound judgment and practice sobriety.

8 Highest calling? Loving the brethren. Biggest antidote for sin.

9 If you are able to the love the brethren without grumbling, you’ve arrived.

10 Two  basic kinds of spiritual gifts (all have at least one “special gift”):  speaking and serving. We generally have inclinations one way or the other.

11 One who speaks, take care to know your words are God’s.

One who serves, take care to know your strength is God’s.

Whether it’s speaking or serving, in all things God gets the glory. Do you take credit when you exercise a spiritual gift?

12 Fiery ordeal=refining purifying test. “Consider it all joy,” says James. James 1:2

13 How else are the disciples joyous in suffering (beating and scourging–Acts 16:25) for Christ, singing hymns, etc. They were privileged to share in the bestowing of God’s grace for his glory.

14 When you “take one” for Christ, His glory pretty much rests on your shoulder. e.g. Stephen Acts 7:55.

15 Make sure none of the sins in v. 15 is listed on your resume. Be careful of nuanced variations! (e.g. hate=murder) It’s easy to be a “troublesome meddler!” i.e. sticking your neck in where it does not belong.

18 If our behavior is scrutinized (the saved), how much more the unsaved!

19 Have you entrusted your soul to the faithful Creator? Are you willing to trust as Abraham did that God can create on the spot?

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