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Daniel’s Plan B

January 12, 2013

[Read Daniel 1]

Daniel is a shining example for anyone in someone’s service. In many cases, like Daniel, we are in a place not of our own making. Perhaps these four men had visions of responsible positions before their king, as they were of nobility. God had different designs. How many times have our plans been recast by God, with only time showing us what he had in mind? What I love about Daniel, what makes him my hero, is his amazing consistency through multiple administrations and leaders.

Here in prep school the dye was cast. Daniel was keenly aware of the basics of God’s will. There were no objections to the training in Chaldean language and literature, but God would indeed object to the food and wine. It was very clear what had to be done–abstain–but Daniel’s methodology was shrewdly political. He proposed a 10-day test. If vegetables and water did not suffice, the unspoken message to the overseer was that the Judean boys would relent. Perhaps the window of time was short enough for the overseer to roll the dice, but he clearly was taking a huge chance. But as is revealed, God granted favor and backed Daniel’s plan.

Here are the keys to Daniel’s success. Resolve to do the right thing, have courage to express it, remain gracious and diplomatic in all interactions with all authorities, and await God’s hand.

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