Get Up and Go

20 Wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go in that direction. And the wheels rose close beside them; for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels. 21 Whenever those went, these went; and whenever those stood still, these stood still. And whenever those rose from the earth, the wheels rose close beside them; for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels. Ezekiel 1:20-21

When I got my last company vehicle, I insisted on four-wheel drive. I look at some pretty big sites that have some treacherous areas. In the past, I had not been able to venture in, but with the extra traction, now I can.

Initially, I thought this passage, was quite odd. The fact is, studying Ezekiel is not for the fainthearted! Then I got to thinking, this is illustrative of what drives successful Christian living. The spirit, i.e. God’s strength and direction, must be in our wheels for us to get up and go.

Later Ezekiel is told to stand up to receive his call, as he was flat on the ground having seen a remarkable breathtaking vision. It was God’s spirit who got him up on his feet (Ezekiel 2:2).

Then in verses, the spirit lifts him up to do the Lord’s will (Ezekiel 3:12, 14).

In all, the “spirit” is mentioned 22 times in this prophetic book. In all cases it is the impetus behind God’s work.

Face it, we, i.e. I, don’t stand when I need to stand or go where I need to go because I don’t use God’s power–his spirit– within me. I quench it (1 Thessalonians 5:19).

It’s time to turn the dial to 4×4 and plow through life’s problems. It’s time to use the power of the spirit to get up and go in the right direction!

About Rick Reynolds

You'll find me in the far right hand corner of evangelical Christianity. Been studying the Word for nearly 45 years and counting.
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