Seeing is Believing

I find it hard to believe that one saved by Almighty God, who has been given his spirit, can lead a life totally devoid of any Christ-like change. I guess it is possible, but that person would have to take in no food, i.e. never read God’s word, hear no sermon, and quench every word of exhortation from the Spirit. This would have to be one miserable soul, one at least due some temporal discipline to snap him out of it.

The reality is, you see, some profess Jesus but fall away, never showing any spiritual pulse. Others are changed men and women from that moment, devouring the word, perhaps stumbling a bit initially, but immediately moving forward. Here Peter addresses the third group–the miserable souls–who are in, but not seeking any of the qualities that he lists.

These people have no assurance of salvation. You see, doing these things creates a series of spiritual milestones to remember, to prove that something indeed living and powerful resides within us. There will be many occasions when you can say to yourself, “where did that come from!” And all along you are being useful and/or fruitful! The beauty of milestones set is that they’re just a mile back, and easier to remember. You don’t strain to recall the day you said you received Christ, you remember what the Lord revealed to you in the morning!

Seeing what God’s doing in your life in real time is where you want to be.

About Rick Reynolds

You'll find me in the far right hand corner of evangelical Christianity. Been studying the Word for nearly 45 years and counting.
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